Deep Carpet Cleaning in Irvine CA



Deep Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, CA

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, CA - A widespread myth that carpet cannot be kept in a sanitary state with normal day to day maintenance is somewhat true.  Deep cleaning carpets should be scheduled annual maintenance, and is recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute and Inspection (IICRC) and major carpet manufacturers. Carpet that is not kept clean will contribute to the deterioration of indoor atmosphere, especially the air you breathe daily.  This unnecessary misconception often leads to policy decisions for removing carpet from many locations such as schools, hospitals and public agencies.

Removing carpet as a response to inconsistent carpet cleaning often strip consumers and occupants from the benefits provided by installed carpet.  When properly cared for, carpet actually traps toxins from becoming airborne therefore preventing possible health related issues.  Carpets that are not deep cleaned and properly maintained can cause many health problems in an indoor environment.  Statistics show that patients allergic to fungi, mites, cockroaches and bacteria make up to 1,000,000 hospital visits each year. 


From a public health perspective, it is difficult to justify indoor carpet unless a routine deep carpet cleaning program is enforced.  Depending on the traffic in your home or work space, carpet should be deep cleaned 1-2 times per year for best results.  If you have high traffic and pets, cleaning your carpet 3-4 times per year may be the best alternative for you.  This will keep your work and living space much healthier so you can breathe easier.    For deep carpet cleaning in Irvine, CA contact us (949)562-3787.