Expert Area Rug Cleaning Services Irvine CA

An area rug can add lots of beauty to your home.  They make your home cozy and welcoming.  Just like any other fabric in your home, your rugs are exposed to every day foot traffic, allergens, dirt, odors and oils.  If you have pets, urine affects your rugs the same as it would installed carpet. 


Proper cleanings play a big role in the life span of your area rugs.  Pricing can range from the hundreds to the thousands depending on the construction and fabric used to manufacture the rug.  Most area rugs are constructed with a natural fiber (wool, cotton, silk).  Some homeowners attempt to clean these rugs themselves not knowing the damage that can be caused from over-the-counter cleaners. 


Using store bought cleaners that contain surfactants and harsh chemicals can cause irreversible damage to a natural fiber.  Area rugs constructed with wool, silk, or cotton contain rich dyes that will bleed or fade if the proper steps are not taken for cleaning.  Uneducated carpet cleaners who clean these type of rugs the same as they would an installed synthetic carpet will cause damage to not only the rug, but possibly the flooring underneath. 


Leaving residues in a natural fiber can cause the wool or cotton to stick together and create a clumpy type feeling.  If left over saturated the moisture can cause the flooring underneath to warp or fade.  If a rug is left damp for over 24 hours this will allow enough time for the rug to bleed or shrink.  Area rugs require regular cleanings just like your carpet. 


Calling a professional in Irvine for your area rug cleaning is absolutely necessary for proper care.  The cleaner will take the time to properly analyze the area rug, test for bleeding and fading, and determine which cleaning process is needed for best results.  Pure Solutions carpet & upholstery cleaning located in Irvine, CA offers expert area rug cleaning services and will provide a full evaluation of your rugs prior to cleaning free of charge.