Expert Carpet Repairs Irvine CA


There can be a combination of defects that occur within the life span of your carpeting.  From rippling to torn carpet, loosened seams to broken tack-strip.  If you’ve ever experienced water damage you know it is mandatory to un-install the carpeting, dry out or replace the padding underneath.


Using the proper equipment is absolutely necessary in order to reach maximum results for any repair that may occur.  Asking the proper questions prior to hiring a company in Irvine CA to come out will mandate your results.   Before having your carpet repaired, make sure you know the exact services your repair expert will provide because you may have to move some things around yourself. 


Some installers may charge extra for furniture moving.  Removing all breakables such as glass, TV’s, and computers is best to do before any carpet repairs are performed. It is recommended that you vacuum the carpet before it is repaired to prevent any allergens that may exist in the carpeting from becoming airborne. 


If you’re having the carpet completely replaced it is best that you or the installer vacuum the sub-flooring as well.  Dirt and allergens do collect underneath the carpeting and padding.  For any seam repairs ask to have them less visible, but do not expect them to be invisible at first. 


If you are having your carpet stretched make sure the repair technician is using a professional power-stretcher along with a knee-kicker in order to reach maximum results.  For any tack-strip replacement, an evaluation of the sub-flooring is necessary because there are two designs of tack-strip, one is for wood, one for concrete.  If the home is older than 30 years it is necessary to  have the sub-flooring evaluated for asbestos, once concrete is punctured these toxins can become airborne.  

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