Professional Stain Removal Irvine CA



Accidents happen whether your children get a hold of your make-up, your pets have an accident or you spill a glass of red wine.  In some situations over-the-counter stain removal products may suffice for emergency spot removal.  Colored stains, blood, urine, feces, bleach, and ink are all examples of carpet discoloration.  These stains can become permanent if not treated properly. 


Using these over-the-counter cleaners can actually make these types of stains worse by locking them into your carpet fibers by causing pH imbalance or.  There is a specific cleaning process for these types of stains.  Each stain is treated individually because they react differently to certain stain removal products.    


Carpet fibers will discolor after being exposed to certain cleaning chemicals, or with time.  Store bought carpet cleaners will not be effective in removing these types of stains.  Stains like ink or ketchup will actually spread when contacted by moisture making your stain even larger. 


Colored stains and blood absorb into carpet fibers like hair dye would into your hair.  The most efficient way of removing any of these stains is just leave them alone.  Calling a professional out for stain removal in Irvine CA should be your number one option before grabbing a house hold product from under the sink. 


These store bought cleaners may make your stain worse, then it will be more difficult for a professional carpet cleaner to thoroughly remove your stains, leaving you with permanent damage and money out of your pocket.  If the stains are left for a professional to remove untouched, the chances of your stains coming out are much higher.  Carpet cleaning professionals have specialized equipment and chemicals that are designed for professional stain removal.


Not only do we have access to these special cleaning products, but we of promote environmentally friendly solutions that will not affect the ozone, or the indoor air quality of your home.  So before you decide to empty a bottle of toxic cleaner into your carpet, call Pure Solutions today located in Irvine CA, for professional stain removal at (949)562-3787.