Rotary Cleaning vs Wand Cleaning - Irvine, CA


The Rotovac 360i is a rotary carpet cleaning machine that thoroughly cleans all four sides of the carpet fluffing up and restoring the carpet fibers.  Not only is the rotary machine much heavier allowing a deeper cleaning on the carpet, it leaves the carpet more than 75% drier than traditional cleaning methods.  Rotary cleaning machines can make over 650 passes per minute over your carpet fibers removing 4 times the soil built up in the carpet.  

Using a floor wand to clean carpet moving back and forth all day takes a strong person.  Not only will the technician become fatigued in a short period of time, the wand is only capable of cleaning two sides of the carpet fibers possibly leaving carpet over saturated and still soiled. 

Often times the high water pressure used by steam cleaning systems can actually push the soil further into the backing of your carpet causing rapid re-soiling of the carpet fibers once the areas cleaned are dry.  Dry times can range anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the soil levels of the carpet and the efficiency of the cleaning technician.

Most professional carpet cleaners today are switching from wand to rotary cleaning system because it is not only much easier on the technician, but it provides a quality cleaning service that the customers can rely on.  The faster dry times and the reduced fatigue on the cleaning technician will provide much more enjoyable experience for not only the technician but the consumer as well. 

If you are interested in having a thorough rotary cleaning service by an experienced technician call Pure Solutions carpet and upholstery cleaning located in Irvine CA at 949-562-3787.