Upholstery Cleaning Services Irvine CA


Most people do not realize that there are significant differences in upholstery fabrics and how they should be treated when cleaned. The number one priority, when treating any kind of fabric is to avoid using too much water. Soaking the fabric will increase the chances of rapid re-soiling, mildew or bacterial growth, release of odors, or possibly damage the fabric by causing pH imbalance.  We evaluate all upholstery before providing cleaning services for protection on your investment and maximum cleaning results.  Here is what to expect when we arrive to clean your upholstery.

Working with upholstery fabric requires precision, mistakes may be irreversible when treating it.  Therefore, hiring Irvine CA trained professionals for your upholstery cleaning services are crucial.  Whenever tough stains or noticeable and soiling is apparent, a professional will likely be needed to remove it. Regular treatment by a professional is also recommended if there are children or pets in the home.

Furniture fabric picks up a lot of pet hair, dander, allergens and oils. This can inflame allergies and have your furniture noticeably soiled.  Soils left in the fabric will cause damage by scratching the surface fibers creating wear.  Children and pets are prone to creating messes with their hands and feet.  Regular cleaning and vacuuming ensures the fabric doesn’t harbor dangerous molds or other microbes that can harm a child or your pets, so hiring a professional in Irvine CA is valuable to your family’s health and the care of your upholstery.

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