Soap & Detergent Free Carpet Cleaning - Irvine, CA

  Soap & Detergent Free Carpet Cleaning - Irvine, CA One of many problems with soap and detergent use for cleaning carpets is that they leave a sticky residue behind, which... Read More »

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning & How it Reduces Indoor Allergens - Irvine CA

  Carpet allergens are most worrisome for families with small children. A child’s immune system is more sensitive to foreign substances like those in allergens, and children spend... Read More »

Good Service for Carpet Cleaning - Irvine CA

  As Irvine CA’s best carpet cleaning company, we take pride in our work and consistently provide good service to each customer we encounter.  Here is an idea of what to... Read More »

DYI Carpet Stretching Tips Irvine CA

  Poor installation of carpet often leads to wrinkling in the carpet. Sometimes water damage or simply aging can also produce similar effects on the carpet. In such cases, carpet... Read More »

Different Ways to Use Your Steam Cleaner - Irvine CA

  Rolling up your sleeves and digging into household chores is much easier when you have the right arsenal of cleaning tools on-hand. If your vacuum is broken and you don’t have any... Read More »

Emergency DIY Upholstery Cleaning and Spot Removal Irvine CA

Prior of trying to cleaning upholstery yourself, it is recommended to check the fabric or material type you want to clean on your own. Also, before you start using soap or any other cleaning... Read More »

Maximum Soil Removal: Carpet and Rug Cleaners in Irvine CA

    Over 80 percent of the soils in your carpet are tracked in your home from dirty shoes.  The whole purpose of cleaning your carpet and rugs is to reach maximum soil removal,... Read More »

What's Living in Your Upholstery Irvine, CA

  What’s living in your upholstery?  No matter how clean you keep your house, your upholstery can still be a breeding ground for insects.  Fleas, bed bugs, carpet beetles and... Read More »

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Irvine CA

    Deep Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, CA Deep Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, CA - A widespread myth that carpet cannot be kept in a sanitary state with normal day to day... Read More »

DIY vs Pro Service Irvine CA

  Most of us make an effort to save as much money as possible.  We tackle jobs that we assume we can take on instead of calling the pros.  Carpet cleaning is something that many... Read More »

Excellent Service for Carpet Cleaning - Irvine CA

As Irvine CA’s best carpet cleaning company, we take pride in our work and consistently provide excellent service to each customer we encounter.  Here is an idea of what to expect... Read More »

American Express Members welcomed for Carpet Cleaning - Irvine CA

  Its 2017, and it is time to get 2016's grime and dirt out of that carpet.  American Express members are welcomed for any services that we offer such as carpet cleaning,... Read More »

Winter Carpet Cleaning Deals - Irvine CA

  Now that the holidays are over, its time to remove that excess dirt that has accumulated over the last couple months.  We offer a great cleaning service designed to dry extremely fast... Read More »

Expert Area Rug Cleaning Services Irvine CA

An area rug can add lots of beauty to your home.  They make your home cozy and welcoming.  Just like any other fabric in your home, your rugs are exposed to every day foot... Read More »

Expert Carpet Repairs Irvine CA

  There can be a combination of defects that occur within the life span of your carpeting.  From rippling to torn carpet, loosened seams to broken tack-strip.  If you’ve ever... Read More »

Professional Stain Removal Irvine CA

    Accidents happen whether your children get a hold of your make-up, your pets have an accident or you spill a glass of red wine.  In some situations... Read More »

Carpet Stretching & Repair Services Irvine CA

Professional carpet stretching & repairs are an extremely regular service you have to do it if your carpet has wrinkles, holes, burns and pet stains.  With experience in carpet... Read More »

Upholstery Cleaning Services Irvine CA

  Most people do not realize that there are significant differences in upholstery fabrics and how they should be treated when cleaned. The number one priority, when treating any kind of... Read More »

Go Green for Carpet Cleaning with Pure Solutions in Irvine CA

Going green has become extremely popular these days.  It is everywhere, you see it in fashion, food and technology.  It has also trended throughout the carpet cleaning industry.  By... Read More »

 Rotary Cleaning vs Wand Cleaning - Irvine, CA

  The Rotovac 360i is a rotary carpet cleaning machine that thoroughly cleans all four sides of the carpet fluffing up and restoring the carpet fibers.  Not only is the rotary machine... Read More »

Food Stains on Carpets Irvine CA

    Popular Foods which Leave Stains on Carpets       Holidays are best celebrated and dished up with assorted types of food. These are special events... Read More »